Board Committee Assignments


The Chair, Vice Chair, and President are members of all committees.

Executive Committee

Chair: John Nicolai
Vice Chair: Christine Whelan

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Judy Miner
Vice Chair: Jeff Silk

Development Committee

Chair: S. Timothy Kochis
Vice Chair: Mark Buell

Finance Committee

Chair: Sean Carroll, S.J.
Vice Chair: Joseph Allanson

University Life Committee

Chair: Mary Del Santo
Vice Chair: Naomi Kelly

Audit Committee

Chair: Joseph Allanson
Vice Chair: Lindbergh Porter

Catholic Identity and Jesuit Mission Committee

Chair: Kevin Burke, S.J.
Vice Chair: Joan McGrath

Compensation Committee

Chair: Lindbergh Porter
Vice Chair: Nora Wu

Committee on Trustees

Chair: Stephen Revetria
Vice Chair: Joan McGrath

Committee on Information Technology Strategy

Chair: Faisal Shah
Vice Chair: Evan Kletter

Investment Committee

Chair: Dixon Doll
Vice Chair: S. Timothy Kochis

Physical Facilities and Master Plan Committee

Chair: James Sangiacomo
Vice Chair: Kevin Malloy


Co-Chairs: Serra Falk Goldman, Trustee Emerita, and Thomas E. Malloy, Chair Emeritus

  • Stephen Hamill 8
  • Elizabeth Wall Hanson 8
  • Peter Wilch 11


1 Faculty Representative
2 Undergraduate Student Representative
3 Graduate Student Representative
4 Alumni Representative
5 Internal Resource Personnel
6 External Representative
7 External Expert Advisor
8 Trustee Emeritus/Emerita
9 Ex Officio
10 Trustee at-Large
11 Designated Resource Personnel
12 Student Athletic Representative
13 Student University Ministry Representative

The Chair, Vice Chair, and President are members of all committees.

[##] = Term expires

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