Our Values

When we talk about values at USF, what we’re really talking about is who we are and what’s important to us. And describing who we are and what’s important to us means discussing three things: cura personalis (care for the whole person), being and creating people for others, and a commitment to diversity in all its forms — cultural, political, and spiritual (to name just a few).

Cura Personalis

Cura personalis — care of the whole person — describes the respect we have for every individual’s intellectual, physical, and spiritual health and autonomy.

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People for Others

When you leave USF with a calling to always consider the least among us, you are proof that we are living our mission.

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Commitment to Diversity

At USF, we see beauty in mixtures. We find richness in our differences. We spark ideas with our debates. We find strength in our common humanity.

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Anaelia Ovalle '17

Take advantage of this crazy-diverse environment that is unique to USF — you’ll grow socially and spiritually, as well as academically."

Elia Ovalle Data Science ’17