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Bereavement Support Group

Bereavement Support Group


A 7-week Bereavement Support Group available for USF students who are dealing with grief in their lives. This 7-week group will start around the first week of October and will feature different weekly activities. Please contact Hillary Howarth, Psy.D, at for further information. 

Week 1
Discuss group format and “rules;” what to expect
Discuss quote from “The Courage to Grieve” and how you relate/don’t relate to it

Week 2: Making room for grief
Check ins
Grief meditation exercise
Discussion: What do you “do” with your grief? What has helped/not helped you manage your grief?

Week 3: Remembering through art
Check ins
Draw a picture of your grief and/or draw a happy memory of your loved one

Week 4: Life Imprint: How has your loved one influenced who you are?
Check ins
Life imprint exercise (handout)

Week 5: Honoring and remembering
Check ins
Memories exercise (handout)
Share a photograph with the group

Week 6: Writing through grief
Check ins
Write a letter to your grief or to your loved one

Week 6: Where are you now?
Check ins: how has your grief changed (or not) since week 1?
Group goodbyes exercise

Alternative topics:
Create memory books
Discuss poems about grief
Share family/cultural rituals
Remembering through our senses