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Arrupe Immersion Application

March 2015



Student ID:  








Please rank the immersion opportunities in order of interest (1-first choice, 6-last choice)

Limited scholarships are available for each program. 

Appalachia: (environmental) $350  

Mexico: $850                                    

Uruguay: $1000                                

Dominican Republic: $1000            

Colombia: $1000                               

Peru: $1100                                       

Do you speak a second language?:

Do you need financial aid? Please explain. 

How much aid are you requesting?: $ 

Requests for financial aid are subject to review. Financial aid is not guaranteed. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

- Return a completed application to University Ministry by Sep 30, 2014

- Commit to participating in the entire Arrupe Immersion Program

- Pay deposit ($200 national or $300 international) upon acceptance into program.

- Attend orientation meetings prior to the trip as well as the follow-up meetings once the project is completed

- Respond to the following questions


Please type your responses in the boxes below: (It is recommended that you have the answers saved elsewhere first (textEdit, Word doc..), then copy them over to the boxes below)

1. Explain briefly why you are interested in our Immersion Program.


2. Identify 2-3 qualities about yourself that you feel would make you a good candidate for this project.


3. What are your experiences with situations of poverty and injustice? What effect have these experiences had on you?


4. Have you participated in other University Ministry programs? How were those experiences meaningful for you? If you have not been involved with UM in the past are there programs in which you’d like to be involved in the future?


5. Describe your experiences in community living. What do you feel are essential criteria for successful community living?


6. What is your understanding of justice?


7. How would your faith tradition influence your participation in this experience?