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Arrupe Immersion: Tacna, Peru
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Appalachia Immersion: The Costs of Coal
Colombia Immersion: Seeing Things Differently
Bruises and Sniffing Glue: The Endless Cycle of Poverty and Prostitution in Lima, Peru
Behind the Face of Oscar Romero: A Reflection on My Arrupe Immersion Trip to El Salvador
Keeping California SAFE: Campaign to End Death Penalty Comes to USF
Latino Gangs in Oakland and San Francisco: A Reflection on the Arrupe Justice Immersion
Injustice, Healing & the Blues: A Reflection on the Arrupe Justice Immersion
Reflection on the Ignatian Teach-In
St. Vincent De Paul Wellness Center
October Outreach: A Day of Making a Difference
Reflections on Kairos: A family in the Fight for a Better World
Reflection on the Jesuit Martyrs: A Radical Calling to Serve Others
Ruined for Life
The Ignatian Teach-In: One Family, Allied for Justice
Sindy's Story: USF Senior & Undocumented Immigrant Fights to Make DREAM a Reality
Dreaming for the Other 33%
Realizing the DREAM of Many
See the World Through New Eyes: The Casa Study Abroad Experience in El Salvador and the Philippines
Community Action: Not Just Community Service
The Nitty-Gritty: Change the World From Here
Immersion Versus Service
Through the Eyes of the Oppressed: Murals of the Mission District