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Winter Break in CT!

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I just spent my last Winter Break of my undergraduate studies back on the East Coast visiting friends and family and getting lots of sleep. I spent the majority of the 5 week long break in my home state of CT. I began the break spending time with family for the holidays and doing lots of crafting of Christmas gifts. After the holidays I tried to spend as much time with my friends from high school as possible. The majority of the people that I know from home stayed somewhat close to CT and each other for college and despite all of their vows to visit me in San Francisco when I decided to move here, very few of them have actually made the trip. Because of this, the little time that I do spend at home, I spend as much of it as I can with everyone, catching up on each other's lives. This break was a little different than previous ones because the majority of my friends, like myself, will be graduating from college this Spring. There were quite a few conversations about what we'd all be doing in a few months' time that including a bit of freaking out. Thankfully, it seems as though everyone is in the same boat of not having a solid idea about what is coming next so we all were able to commiserate and try to help each other out.

I also got to do a bit of traveling, visiting a friend in Boston and family in Williamsburg, Virginia. I barely saw any snow which was a little disappointing but also made traveling easier.