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The Finals study recipe

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So how were finals? How did I study, and how did I survive? Well now that it finally is over let me answer those questions. It’s been a pretty stressful ending, but it has finally ended. This semester I had four finals and two essays due. Fortunately for two of my finals it didn’t involve much studying, due to the fact that I understood all of the material pretty well and the professor spent the last two classes reviewing for the final. This was really helpful, and resulted in me not having to spend so much time reviewing for this course. So what I did, is once the last class was over I had one day to review again and then my final was the next day. Two of my friends and I met up in Crossroads (the USF café eating area/lounge) we went over some of the major course materials and helped each other review. It took about an hour total and was very helpful and prepared me for that final. My next final wouldn’t be until Wednesday and Thursday, but I had an essay due on the following Tuesday. Thankfully my Environmental Ethics final was held the last day of class and I didn’t have to study too hard for this final as well. The professor devoted the second to last day to reviewing for the final and this was again very helpful. I took good notes and reviewed them over the weekend and was ready for the final. I would say these two finals (air & water and environmental ethics) were the easier two and didn’t require too much time to study.

So what I had left for my agenda was an environmental ethics final, biology final, political theory final as well as a political theory essay. I began working on my ethics essay the Saturday before it was due, this allowed me four days to finish it, and was more than enough. I had already been thinking about my essay and gathering research so I had to formulate the actual essay. I worked on my essay mostly at home and would do a little here and a little there. I also would balance this with some biology studying and political theory studying. Biology was my hardest course this semester and was tough all year long. It was a combination of things that made it difficult (mostly my own reasons such as not studying enough or devoting enough time to it) so for the final I tried to devote some more time to studying. I reviewed all of the course quizzes and previous finals as well as course lecture material. I think this prepared me well for the final. For my political theory final I reviewed my course notes and drafted my essay based on the prompt and felt good going into the final. 

       Over all I wasn’t so stressed, just really busy. I managed my schedule well and was able to finish all of my finals with confidence while also finishing up all my other responsibilities during the end of the semester. This included working in the lab with my environmental science professor to analyze some sediment samples from the bay for methlymercury, and wrapping up the semester for my advocate for community engagement position, as well as getting in some blogs for the CBS Defend Your Ride San Francisco site. The semester has been busy, and is still moving along. Although I’m finished with finals I still don’t feel like its all over yet so I’m looking forward to being on the plan flying back to Denver to visit friends and family for the holidays.