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The Final Battle

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Finals are finally over. Time to relax and enjoy the rest of my time in San Francisco before I go back home to Hawaii. Going back to finals, that was so stressful. Had 3 finals 3 days in a row and it would be on the last 3 days. I got my grade for my accounting final already and I got a 98%. That time in the library and studying to 2 in the morning really paid off. That hard work of non-stop studying did not go to waste. I just hope my astronomy and statistics final have the same results. Finals week is just never the best. Cramming a whole semester worth of material into my brain last minute is just painful. I don’t recommend it at all. Note to self, learn the material as the semester goes by. Don’t wait till the last minute to learn everything in less than a week. But forget finals already. It’s done. I am currently kicking back at my friend’s house sitting down on the couch watching Netflix and drinking coffee. This is just perfect after a week of finals.