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Spring Break in SF

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When I decided in high school that I would be moving to San Francisco for high school, my friends all said that they would come visit. Throughout my almost four years, some of them have been able to and over Spring Break this year, one of my best friends from high school will be visiting for the week. She goes to school at Ithaca College in New York and has never been to the West Coast. We've had amazing weather for the past few weeks and I'm hoping that it continues through Spring Break. I have a feeling that it will rain that week since we've barely had any this Winter but I hope that I'm wrong! Even though I've been in San Francisco for almost 4 years now, it's fun to show visitors around because I get to do all of the tourist-y thing that I don't normally do. I'm really excited to share some of this city's amazing food with her, maybe check out a museum or two and do some other sight-seeing. Before she gets here, though, my roommates and I need to do some serious apartment cleaning because we have tons of house-guests planned for the next three months!