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Midterms and Studying

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    Unfortunately my scheduling this semester has placed me with three midterms in the same week, two of which are on the same day, and an essay due. This is to be expected in college so I’m not complaining about it being a reality of college; I just have to plan my week very well to be able to study appropriately. Depending on your individual reasons for attending college and your future goals, these test times are the important times of the school year where students need to focus on why they are in college, for me it is to learn and weeks like these I need to buckle down and study.

I think midterm weeks require a lot of dedication and sacrifice, dedication to your studies, and sacrificing a little free time and social life for a week. These sacrifices pay off by the end of the week when the dedication put into studying pays off with either a good grade or confidence in knowing you learned the material. 

For me I have a unique opportunity as a student during midterms and finals. I have an on campus job that provides me with an office that I utilize as a great isolated studying environment. I feel that USF provides a lot of areas for students to have a good atmosphere for studying. For example, the atrium in the library is open 24 hours and is 100% silent area devoted to focus on work. The library is open until midnight, and has silent areas throughout that allow students the ability to focus on studying. There are numerous lounges in buildings such as the university center, Kalmanovits, and lone mountain that also provide great studying environments. 

Overall the key to midterm time is finding a great place to study and actually devoting the time to study. If this is done I can’t guarantee that I will get an A on the exams, but that I will learn the material and will perform better on the exam if I hadn’t studied.