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I'm a working man now!

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I finally got a job!!! I have been searching and searching and now I am a student intern in the Admissions Office. Now I am just starting out, but I think I am getting the hang of scheduling my time wisely. Time management is a big thing in college that I never thought about.You are juggling a lot of things and all of this newly found freedom is refreshing, but it also comes with added responsibility. Life here at USF has been good. I think I am getting used to this colder weather, something I never really had to deal with in my hometown of New Orleans; but hey it is an excuse to get more warmer clothes right. I am also warming up to the city in general(no pun intended). I was reluctant in the beginning to accept the fact that my dorm room is my home now because I just considered it the place I slept and studied, but I have come to the realization that USF and San Francisco will be my home probably for the next four years and I don't think I mind that too much anymore.

Halloween is fastly approaching and I am anxiously awaiting the pumpkin carving, costume parties, etc. They should be fun. My mom sent me a care package this past week full of all kinds of things, so that is always good. There was a bag of candyin the package with about 300 pieces of candy in it. Now why the 300 pack I don't know, but my roommate and I have been slowly breaking into the large mass of candy and that has been fun. I am really thinking that I made the right choice in coming here. I have great friends, great fun, and great classes everyday; and if I made a different decision about my final choice of college I don't think it would have been the same way.

See ya next blog!