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Back to the Bay

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The weather is exactly how I like it. Nippy but not too cold. I have made my way across the Pacific Ocean back into the Bay. It’s a new year. It’s a new start to get things back on task. Moving back to the USF dorm as a sophomore is not as hectic as freshman year where a line of confused and nervous individuals wait in line to get their ID cards just to walk into the building. This year, easy as can be. This year I am living in Lone Mountain dorms on the 2nd floor. I have notice a complete change in atmosphere compared to last year. This year, it is a lot more quiet up in LoMo. Living on the 2nd floor of LoMo is completely different from everywhere else. 

This floor is known as the “spaceship room” which means, my bed is in the ceiling. Instead of having a bunk or a bed that you can jump onto, there is a ladder set into the ground where I have to climb to get into bed. It’s fun and a lot different. I hope this new change will do me well this year. I know what is expected from me from the beginning. There will be no slacking from me at all. I will go ahead into this year with my beset intentions on doing excellent.