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This year is my first year living off-campus, so I was in for a bunch of new experiences off-campus.  One of them included something I had never done before: "real" cooking outside of a toaster oven and microwave.  Surprisingly enough I didn't set things on fire and I've been able to manage very well preparing my own food, so aside from waiting for my food to cook, it wasn't an issue.  I live no more than a 15 minute walk uphill (it's shorter downhill back) to USF, so I don't have much trouble getting to class on time.

The transition back into school wasn't as drastic as it has been in the past since I was busy working while taking classes over the summer, so I was already in a somewhat productive mood before heading back into the city for the fall.  The only thing that hit me was the transition from "normal college classes" that were the pre-requisite classes for the nursing program to taking the actual nursing courses that are directly applied in the clinical setting.  It was overwhelming at first, but I really enjoyed being able to learn things that directly helped me in my future career (I'm sure we've all felt at some point that some class we took didn't seem relevant to our jobs).  Other than that, my semester started off great and I'm geared up and excited for my first clinical rotations.