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Back from Break

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The ring of my alarm woke me up at 10am this morning to the view of the sun rising over the staggered houses in my back window. Tuesday back from spring break, time to get back in the groove of things. My first class, Macroeconomics went by with a breeze. One class down, one more to go. I quickly made my way back to my room for a quick power nap. An hour and a half nap was an excellent way to start off my second class. Again my alarm goes off, time for my freshman seminar class: Western Literature. I take my journey up to Lone Mountain through the cold crispy air. When I got to class, I sat in the front row with my friend and we talk about how are break was.

In Astonishment, this 1:45 minute class has been cut an hour early by my professor who felt that the class had an excellent discussion and deserved a break! I then made my way down to Koret Gym to get in my daily workout. Spring Break has really made me feel sluggish and that workout session really made me feel completely different. I then trekked my way back up to Lone mountain for work at the Admission Office. It was pretty busy, answering over 50 phone calls from prospective students. Overall this Tuesday back from Spring Break was pretty busy but it went by quick and easy. I hope tomorrow will be just like today.