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  Back in San Francisco with the friends and start of school, finally! Can’t wait for the school year to be in full swing as I am excited to get into what nursing is really about. I’ll be at CPMC California campus for my clinical and I’ll also be volunteering there in the OR! My board position on the Nursing Student’s Association (NSA) should keep me busy as well, but it’s an awesome organization all nursing students should at least give a try, it’s a great way to get to meet other nursing students and get their priceless advice. I’m minoring in Computer Science and hopefully this semester I’ll be able to find a way to blend nursing and computer science to come up with something useful for myself and others. 

Move in day was great this year! I was feeling a little overwhelmed freshman year with not knowing what I’m doing and barely knowing anyone, but this year was great. It was nice to see familiar faces and know what I need to do and how to prepare for that first week of new classes. It’s an exciting part of the year you just need to embrace and make the best of it and I wish the best of luck to everyone this school year!