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A Break From The Grind

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Hi everyone, I hope your summer is going well! Hopefully you are enjoying the summer sun and the much needed break from the grind of school.

I know for me it has been the busiest summer I have had and I'm not even taking any summer classes. So I can't imagine adding that to the equation for those taking classes. Being away from the beautiful weather of the bay area is starting to take it's toll with the many days of 100 degree plus here in Rocklin. Crazy as it may sound, I am starting to miss school and my job at the law school. So I can't wait for the school year to start back up! Thus far the summer has been filled with being with my girlfriend, spending time with friends and family, as well as working.

My girlfriend and I have been getting our fair share of frozen yogurt in this summer, as we rarely are able to enjoy it in the city. We have a summer trip planned with her family to Cabo in a couple weeks and I cannot wait! A couple of weeks ago I spent the week with the grandparents, my uncle, and the rest of my family in San Diego for a quick get away. It was very nice to get out and play golf with my grandparents and escape the sweltering heat! I was very fortunate this summer to be able to come home and have a job waiting for me, it was such a relief. I am working for a family friend who owns a hotdog business and have been going to different events helping sell hotdogs out of the many hotdog carts they have. Not the most glamorous job, but always interesting and fun talking to all sorts of different people. I am working a few days a week in downtown Sacramento as well as helping out with a few major events on the weekends such as the Folsom rodeo in the beginning of July. Like I said I can't wait for school to be here, but in the mean time enjoying the summer here in Rocklin.