Culturally Focused Clubs Council

The Cultural Centers team works closely with various culturally-focused student-driven clubs, organizations and programs at USF.

Culturally-Focused Clubs Council (CFCC) is a council of culturally-focused club representatives designed for intergroup communication and collaboration. Representatives meet bi-monthly to participate in leadership development, cultural competency, and ally-building training.

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To find out more information on any of the CFCC members, visit Club Connect to search for the club.

Asian Pacific-Islander American Student Coalition (APASC)

Asian Pacific American Student Coalition has been established in order to create an inclusive community for Asian/Pacific Islander American USF students and USF allies, and to build a thriving relationship between the USF community and the Asian/Pacific Islander American community beyond USF. A primary function of this club is to provide a safe forum for students to build community, engage in dialogue, and become informed about political or social issues affecting the Asian/Pacific Islander American community.

The University of San Francisco's Hawaiian Ensemble is a campus organization dedicated to promoting and perpetuating Hawaiian cultural traditions through na mele (song), hula (dance), and olelo Hawaii (language). The Hawaiian Ensemble has formed as a way of spreading awareness of Hawaiian culture to Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike thereby preserving the culture we are so proud of.

African Student Association

African Student Association aims to provide a setting for discussion of issues pertaining to Africa and to stimulate the discussion between Africans and Americans concerning cultural division. 

American Sign Language Club

The purpose of the American Sign Language Club is to promote a space for members to practice and acquire ASL. Within this club, members are enabled to interact with other members of the ASL community. Our aims are to strengthen the communication and friendship amongst both the deaf and hearing communities, and educate and promote the USF community about ASL and deaf culture. 

Baile Folklórico de San Pancho

The main purpose of this club is to share the Latino culture with the USF community through partnering with other Latino organizations and acting as not only entertainment but also education of Latin American culture through our traditional folk dances. 

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union provides an avenue for students to celebrate and participate in the African American community at USF and everywhere else. They organize social, educational and professional events for all students to attend. They are also dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities of San Francisco and promoting social justice. Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 9:00pm.

Brother Connection

Brother Connection functions as a supportive network primarily for men of color. It is constructed to educate its members on political and social views, issues, and history related to the African American males, but is open to all.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

The three main purposes of CSSA are: 1) to promote Chinese culture and customs and provide chances for people who want to know more about China; 2) to devote to the multi-cultural school life and get involved in the campus activities; 3) to facilitate members with their new life in San Francisco and help them make more friends.

Hawaiian Ensemble

The University of San Francisco’s Hawaiian Ensemble is a campus organization dedicated to promoting and perpetuating Hawaiian cultural traditions through na mele (song), hula (dance), and olelo Hawaii (language). The Hawaiian Ensemble was formed as a way of spreading awareness of Hawaiian culture to Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike thereby preserving the culture we are so proud of.  We support a welcoming atmosphere where students can share knowledge of Hawaiian culture, educating others about hula, and breaking traditional stereotypes. What makes the USF Hawaiian Ensemble so unique is our passion for dance and creativity. We choreograph our own dances, carrying out the importance and meaning of the Hawaiian oral tradition.  Our goal is to contribute to the University’s mission of “Changing the world from here” by bringing the Aloha spirit and the diverse culture of the Hawaiian Islands to the USF and Bay Area community. 

Hui' O Hawaii

Hui 'O Hawai'i is a cultural organization that observes and appreciates the Hawaiian culture in efforts to promote the Aloha Spirit and the concept of 'Ohana (family). Hui O Hawaii is a way for both students from Hawaii and elsewhere to come together and familiarize themselves to a new culture while preserving where we are from.

Indian Student Organization (ISO)

The purpose of the Indian Student Organization is to bring together students from diverse backgrounds and create an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome. Indian Student Organization's main purpose is to educate us as well as others on the current events and cultural history of India.

International Student Association (ISA)

ISA promotes cultural education, advocates for the USF international student body, and provides a social community by being the voice of the international students, creating social interactions, and developing educational opportunities for cultural enrichment activist element, we fund raise and put on events for the USF community to spread awareness about the multitude of issues occurring in the many countries of the African continent.

Indonesian Student Association (PANAH)

PANAH is a student-based organization that unites Indonesian students at the University of San Francisco while at the same time strives to promote networking between Indonesian students, exhibiting the cultural richness of Indonesia and develop a lively community of Indonesian students on campus.

Japanese Culture Club (JSA)

Where People who are interested in Japanese Culture in all formats are welcome to discuss and share ideas as well as having events such as movie nights, karaoke, ect that is relevant to Japanese Culture.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

The Korean Student Association at the University of San Francisco (KSA) has a vision to unite students, both Korean and non-Korean, to become active members within the Korean community. Our objective is to promote the Korean culture through political, social, and cultural events. Most importantly the KSA will form life-long friendships through interest in the Korean culture. 

USF Kasamahan

Kasamahan aims to promote solidarity in the Philippine American community by creating an environment that affirms the richness of our cultural experiences and by utilizing educational programs that aid in the assessment, development, and actualization of each member's potential and talents. Kasamahan also strives to share and educate others of the Philipino culture.

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

LASO is dedicated to increasing Latino/Hispanic cultural awareness throughout the USF community.During the year, we have had different events such as Dia de los Muertos Celebration and our annual Esther Madriz Celebration dinner. These events, combined with our interaction with other students, faculty, and staff, help to educate the USF community about our traditions and contribute to making our campus a rich and culturally diverse environment.

Latinas Unidas (LU)

Latinas Unidas creates a sense of community amongst the Latino population, specifically amongst the Latina women of the University of San Francisco. We provide support and encouragement for academic endeavors, social pursuits, and professional planning within the realm of positive sisterhood.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is dedicated to providing a place for Muslims who collectively share a common set of moral commitments rooted in the message of Islam to engage in religious, social and community activities; support educational and intellectual pursuits; and continue to promote the goals of Muslim students of the University of San Francisco, and thus serve our faith as best we can.

Queer Alliance

Queer Alliance is an organization that creates a space for queer students and straight allies to work together toward creating a safe and comfortable USF community. We serve as a social and educational forum to create a resource for all queer students. Queer Alliance strives to support each other and expand knowledge, tolerance, and awareness of all sexual orientations throughout USF.

Sister Connection

Sister Connection organization that strives to create a sense of community for women of color at USF and address contemporary issues that are particular to this group. Our purpose is to provide a network of support for social, community, & academic endeavors. Through meetings, social events and community service, Sister Connection reaches their goal of making sure each member feels inspired, empowered, and connected.

Taiwanese Chinese American Student Association (TCASA)

The purpose of TCASA is to introduce the USF community to the Taiwanese/Chinese American Culture. Our goal is to instill a sense of cultural identity within a community in which those with an interest and passion for Chinese and Taiwanese culture may come together and celebrate it. TCASA promotes a more active cultural experience through meetings, socials, food and culture related events, along with a family program to further expand student knowledge of Taiwanese/Chinese American origins. 

Viva Brasil

The purpose of this club is to have a free space to speak Portuguese and experience Brazilian culture. We want to build a community to promote and disseminate Brazilian culture here at USF and in the city. Anyone can come to learn about Brazilian culture. We want to create an exchange community to learn from one another to strengthen ties and create new friendships. We want to promote the importance of Brazil in Latin America and its importance in an ever globalizing world. In a globalizing world it is important to learn about other cultures and how it affects us. The emerging importance of Brazil as a growing economic and political power is important in this day and age. We want to bring awareness of the contributions Brazil has made to the global economy and culture. We want to promote USF values by organizing community work within different Brazilian communities around the area. This purpose does not contradict the University's mission or its Catholic, Jesuit character.