The University of San Francisco: Provost/Academic Affairs

The Provost's Council


The Provost's Council will

  • engage in strategic and financial planning to provide students with an excellent academic experience and high quality student services that are consistent with USF’s Mission, Vision and Values;
  • discuss and make recommendations on University-wide issues and strategies;
  • inform the Provost and other members of the Provost’s Council about academic and student issues and unit-specific decisions that have University-wide implications;
  • make recommendations on issues specific to academic and student policy and practice;
  • discuss new programs and initiatives; and
  • share annual plans for each unit.


The Provost's Council will

  • oversee the implementation of university-wide decisions related to academic affairs, student academic and enrollment services, and all areas of student development;
  • communicate these decisions fully with the campus community;
  • seek agenda items, advice, and counsel from constituents within line authority.


Provost's Council members serve at the invitation of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jennifer E. Turpin. The current roster includes:

  • Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs:  Gerardo Marín
  • Vice Provost, Academic Affairs: Mike Webber
  • Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management: Bob Spatig
  • Vice Provost for Branch Campuses and Online Programs:  Carol Batker
  • Vice Provost for Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach:  Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi
  • Vice Provost for Institutional Budget, Planning and Effectiveness:  Jeff Hamrick
  • Vice Provost of Student Life:  Peter Novak
  • Vice President for International Relations:  Stanley Nel
  • Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences: Marcelo Camperi
  • Dean of the School of Education:  Kevin Kumashiro
  • Dean of the School of Law:  John Trasvina
  • Dean of Gleeson Library/Geschke Learning Center:  Tyrone Cannon
  • Dean of the School of Management:  Liz Davis
  • Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Professions:  Judith Karshmer
  • Associate Vice Provost: Michael Harrington
  • Associate Vice Provost: Kathy Napper
  • Associate Vice Provost: Julie Orio
  • Associate Vice Provost:  Laleh Shahideh
  • Associate Vice Provost/University Historian:  Alan Ziajka
  • Director of University Ministry:  Julia Dowd