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Faculty Team Innovation Award

USF Faculty Team Innovation Award

The Faculty Team Innovation Award
 aims to encourage and accelerate academic collaboration and cross-fertilization. Teams of faculty members representing at least two distinct USF academic departments are invited to submit proposals that outline a wholly new project (related to research, curriculum development or service) that would combine expertise from the disciplines represented.

$5,000 per successful proposal (e.g. for research or program expenses or stipend)

Information Session: The Faculty Team Innovation Award Committee, chaired my Professor Xornam Apedoe, School of Education, will host an information session on December 5, 2013 from 11:45-12:45 PM in the School of Education, Room 105.

Eligible teams should include multiple USF faculty members, representing more than one home department or college. Part-time faculty members are eligible if at least one member of the team is a full-time faculty member.

Proposal Format:
In a maximum of 1500 words, please include:
  • a clear description of the proposed project, 
  • brief relevant biographies of the faculty team and expected contributions of each member, 
  • a referenced background section, 
  • a nine to twelve month plan including monthly projected milestones, and
  • a frank projection of realistic “worst case” and “best case” scenarios for outcomes as well as the potential to continue or expand the project.
Please save proposals as a PDF and submit via email to Claudine Van Delden, Assistant to the Provost, at the following email address:

Proposal Deadline:
5:00 PM Friday, March 14, 2014

The Provost’s Office will have the right to not make an award in a given year, if a suitable application is not submitted. Multiple awards are also possible. Applications will be assessed using the following criteria:
•    Academic quality
•    Innovative nature
•    Degree to which each field is required
•    Uniqueness of project to USF
•    Rigor of background study
•    Potential for further work
•    Degree to which collaborating fields are “separate” (e.g. Economics and Nursing are technically further removed than, say, Mathematics and Physics.)
•    Meaningful engagement with an external agent or organization in the San Francisco Bay Area

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee appointed by the Provost.

April 15, 2014:    Awards announced

Summer 2014:    Projects begin

Past recipients include:
Team: Monika Hudson (Associate Professor, Public and Non-profit Administration, School of Management), Keith Hunter (Assistant Professor, Organizations, Leadership, and Communication, School of Management), Kevin Lo (Assistant Professor, Organizations, Leadership, and Communication, School of Management), Star Moore (Associate Director, Community-Based Learning, Leo T. McCarthy Center), and Christopher Thomas (Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies, School of Education)
Project: Developing and Enhancing Community-Engaged Learning in USF Graduate Courses

Team: Susan Penner (Adjunct Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions), Kia James (Assistant Professor, School of Nursing and Health Professions), and David Wolber (Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences)
Project: Mobile App Development for Public Health - Masters of Public Health Course 

Eunjin Jung (Assistant Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts and Sciences) and Evelyn Ho (Associate Professor, Communication Studies, College of Arts and Sciences)
Project: CRISP: Communicating Risk on Internet Security and Privacy
Kevin Oh (Assistant Professor, Learning and Instruction, School of Education) and Shelwyn Corrigan (Adjunct Professor, Rhetoric and Language, College of Arts and Sciences) 
Project: Creating a Global Classroom Using a Virtual Environment

Team: Rachel Egenhoefer (Art + Architecture) and David Wolber (Computer Science) 
Project: “Interactive Media Minor.” 

Team: Stephen Devlin (Mathematics), Judith Lambton (Nursing and Health Professions), and Vijay Mehrota (Management)
Project: "A Time Series Forecasting Model to Improve Patient Flow Management for UCSF Children's Hospital."

Team: Saera Khan (Psychology) and Manuel Vargas (Philosophy)
Project: "The USF Program on Mind and Action."

Team: Noah Borrero (Teacher Education), Catherine Lusheck (Art History/Arts Management) and Christine Yeh (Counseling Psychology)
Project: "Empowering the Pacific Islander Community through the Arts."