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USF 'Most Underrated University'

Gleeson Geschke atrium

USF is one of the nation's most underrated schools.

The University of San Francisco is one of the most underrated universities in the country, the 23rd most underrated, according to a study by the Business Insider.

The findings, published in the 25 Most Underrated Colleges in America (2012), are the result of the online finance, media, and tech news site's look into how well U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) university rankings predict graduates' future salary potential - the idea being that highly ranked universities should, presumably, produce better prepared graduates who earn higher salaries. Instead, Business Insider discovered wide incongruences between some schools' USNWR rankings and their graduates' real life success.

USFers earn more

In USF's case, the Business Insider found that the university's USNWR composite rank of 212 (combined universities and colleges) belies Dons' future earning potential - based on graduates' $92,400 mid-career (average 15 years) salary average. That average earned USF PayScale College Salary Report rank of 82.

"USF's inclusion on the Business Insider's list underscores what we already know. The university graduates students who are well educated and prepared to succeed. In fact, USF should be more recognized nationally and internationally for how good we are," said USF Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jennifer Turpin.

Rigorous curricula and teaching

The study gives credence to USF leaders, faculty, and alumni who have contended that the university is often shortchanged by rating systems that fail to take into account USF's approach to educating the whole person, which includes conventional benchmarks like academic achievement and student GPAs but also less conventional metrics such as its highly qualified faculty, partnerships with Silicon Valley firms and nonprofits that offer students internships and community service opportunities, as well as a dedication to students' moral and spiritual development.

"A USF education not only provides the very best, most rigorous curricula and teaching, it also develops graduates' capacities to lead, to work well with others," Turpin said. "Some ranking systems, unfortunately, don't measure these less quantifiable, but still critical, aspects of student development."

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