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International Economics: Statistical Data

OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary  

Internationally comparable statistics from the world's leading democracies.

GMID: Global Market Information Database


Country, city, industry, and consumer statistics and market research.

remote access

Europa World Online

Europa World Online

Includes economic, political and geographic background information and statistical data by country; regional surveys provide in-depth, expert analysis at regional, sub-regional and country level

For historical data, see our print holdings of the Europa World Year Book (1991-2005) and the Europa Year Book (1959-1988)

The World Bank: Data

Full access to data from 209 countries, some going back 50 years. Download data sets for a particular country or indicator, or email and share data. Includes World Development Indicators (WDI) and Africa Development Indicators, among others, through its data catalog.



Basic statistical data on U.N. member countries.

Demographic and Social Statistics

From the United Nations

LexisNexis Statistical

ProQuest Statistical Insight

Find industry statistics, national income and production statistics, retail and wholesale trade data, interest rates, economic indicators, and social and demographic statistics, plus much more.


Statistical Agencies for Iindividual Countries


Provides links to official statistical agencies and national banks for most countries. Hosted by the University of Auckland Library

Statistical Agencies of Foreign Governments

Worldwide Statistical Sources



Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook

8-year balance of payment figures for about 145 countries.

Call Number:
Ref HG3882 .B34

Gleeson Reference Room, 1st Floor


International Financial Statistics Yearbook

30 years of annual statistics for each country in the following categories: exchange rate, fund position, international liquidity, money and banking statistics, nonbank financial institutions, interest rates, prices and production, international transactions, government finance, national accounts, population. See also the monthly publication International Financial Statistics.

Call Number:
Ref HG3879 .I57

Gleeson Reference Room, 1st Floor;

Monthly edition:
Gleeson Periodicals, 2nd Floor


Foreign Trade Statistics (U.S. Census)

Provides US trade data by commodity and by state. Includes historical trade balance data going back as far as 1960. Data provided by the Foreign Trade Division of the US Census.


UN National Accounts Main Aggregates Database

.Historical data available, 1970 to the present.


IMF World Economic Outlook

.Historical data available, 1980 to the present (with some incomplete coverage for certain countries)


UN Commodity Trade Statistics Database

130 countries provide the United Nations Statistics Division with their annual international trade statistics, detailed by commodity and partner country. These data are processed into a standard format with consistent coding and valuation. All values are converted into US dollars using exchange rates supplied by the countries, or derived from monthly market rates and volume of trade. For many countries the data coverage starts as far back as 1962 and goes up to the most recent completed year.