Editorial - Divisadero

Reaching beyond Borders

Written by Daisy Zamora

Latino culture is a constant, every day presence in the United States, and so is the Spanish language.  It’s a voice that is multiple, coming from Latino people who trace their cultural roots to the indigenous peoples of the Americas, but also to Europe and Africa (all mixed in Mestizo identity) and is the common ground where English and Spanish embrace each other, daring to try new words, constantly inventing neologisms in the urgency to connect and understand one another in order to grow, be renewed and mutually enriched.  At the junction of both tongues, a variety of linguistic expressions are created, blurring the linguistic, political, and physical borders that separate the United States from Latin America.

Divisadero has reached beyond those borders and invited outstanding Latin American, and Chicano and Native American writers to collaborate with us and publish their work in Divisadero along with the articles and interviews of our student staff.  We also received international collaboration from a Nicaraguan graduate student at National Taiwan University.  The scope of this issue includes a rich variety of articles and essays made possible by erasing boundaries and joining together writers and students to present, from our Divisadero, a panoramic view of social, historical, political, cultural, literary, and theological subjects.