Art as Activism: Julio Salgado

Written by Victor Valle and Stefani Robnett


Julio Salgado is paving the way for people fighting for equality by courageously telling the story of being queer and undocumented in the United States. Salgado has become a well-known activist within the Dream Act movement. Through the use of his art, he confronts the public with the harsh realities that thousands of people are dealing with. 

Although Julio’s art began as a refuge to express his hardships, Dream Act activists soon found themselves using it as weapons for rallies and campaigns. Although he is self-taught, he has gained huge recognition and added huge momentum to the movement. Salgado uses marker and paper to draw much of his work, although he has also made it known that he draws many of his illustrations using digital sketching programs. Salgado links his own identity in most of his artwork as an “undocu-queer” in order to put a face to the issue.