16th Thacher Annual
The 16th Thacher Annual student art show "interMEDIA" runs through June 28 in Thacher Gallery.More Info »

The Re-Composition of Place

Theological reflections on Spiritual Practices

Art is dangerous: It commands our attention. It commands our presence. It refuses mere decoration. Though it may be purchased, it cannot be possessed. Whatever the media or form, subject, period or style, art reorders us; changes the spaces in which we live, feel, think and act. If it does not do this then it is not art. It is something else; an impostor in the service of an ideology, a transitory fashion designed to distract or wrap us in the security of the trivial. Art is free. It will not be our slave. Always, it meets us as gift and gift is the most dangerous thing of all. More
Written by James Hanvey, S.J.