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USF ActiveNet Account Activation

  • New Koret online account for USF faculty, staff, and students only
  • Do NOT create a new account, your USF account has already been setup in ActiveNet
  • Follow the 5 easy steps below - click Sign In > Forgot your password
  • Please complete online account activation for online registration services
  • USF students should login using their USF email address WITHOUT 'dons': example >
Step 1:
Click on the Sign In button
USF ActiveNet Step 1

Step 2:
Please click the "Forget your password?" link

 USF ActiveNet Step 2a

Step 3:
Please enter your email (WITHOUT the 'dons') and hit the "submit" button

USF ActiveNet Step 3

Step 4:

Please check your email for the temporary password to sign in to your account

USF ActiveNet Step 4

Step 5:

You can return to the Sign In page to access your ActiveNet account