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Annual Neighborhood Memberships

Neighborhood membership is restricted to residents in the area surrounding the KHRC (Lyon, 3rd, California, and Haight).

Proof of address (in the form of a utility bill with the applicant’s name on it) must be submitted to qualify. Front Desk staff can only approve current PG&E, internet/cable, water, trash, and or home phone bill. Please contact the membership director if the applicant is unable to provide any type of utility bill listed above. Also in this category are relatives, other than spouse and minor children, who reside with USF faculty, staff or alumni who are members.
To complete the process, an application and waiver must be filled out at the Koret Center. Proof of all family relationships must be presented at the time of application (i.e., marriage certificate, birth certificate, domestic partner certificate, or tax documentation). Your membership card(s) will then be issued.

Individual $660/year
Spouse $660/year
Child $350/year