The University of San Francisco: Koret Health And Recreation Center
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Body Composition Analysis

This 15 minute non-invasive test uses BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE to measure segmental body composition (R leg, L leg, Torso, R arm, L arm).  At the conclusion of the test, you will be given a results sheet with the following measurements: Body Fat Ratio, Body Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Estimated Muscle Mass and Basal Metabolic Rate.

What to expect during your appointment:

  • Please take the opportunity to use the restroom immediately before your appointment
  • The Fitness Assessment room is a private room located on the Basement Level of Koret
  • The trainer will ask you to remove your shoes and socks
  • You may opt to remove excess clothing to allow the trainer to better estimate your body weight 
  • You will be asked to step onto a device that resembles a scale.  Once the machine determines your weight, the trainer will ask you to loosely hold two hand-held grips 
  • The machine takes approximately 30 seconds to print out a receipt of your results
  • The trainer typically runs the test twice in a row in order to get an average of your results 

Suggestions for an accurate analysis: 

  • Take measurement at least 3 hours after rising, eating, drinking or working out
  • Take under normal hydration conditions 
  •  Empty bladder immediately before testing
  •  Do not test during your menstrual period (WOMEN)

Suggestions for an accurate follow-up appointment:

  • Test at the same time of day
  • Wear the same clothing
  • If retesting on a monthly basis, test at same point in your menstrual cycle (WOMEN)

To schedule a body composition appointment, contact