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Community Front Desk

A great opportunity to get involved and meet a variety of people, the Community Front Desk provides quality customer service while maintaining the safety, security and confidentiality of our students in our Residence Halls.

Position Descriptions & Compensation

Community Assistant/formerly Desk Clerk:
Community Assistants working day shifts (8 AM- 12 Midnight) and Mail Clerks are paid $10.55/hour. (Hourly wage subject to change.)
Community Assistants working night shifts (12 Midnight- 8 AM) are paid $11.05/hour. (Hourly wage subject to change.)

Community Office Manager/ Formerly Desk Manager:
The Community Office Manager will receive $14.05 per hour for a maximum of 25 hours per week. (Hourly wage subject to change.)

Requirements & Expectations

Community Assistants (CAs):
CAs must be full-time USF students (at least 12 units) in good academic and judicial standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.0. CAs must also show evidence of responsibility in job performance and leadership.

Community Office Managers (COM):
Community Office Managers must be a full-time USF student of at least sophomore status (30 units completed) in good disciplinary standing and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. Community Office Managers must also have one or more years of experience as a Community Assistant with positive evaluations. Community Office Managers must also demonstrate technology proficiency and outstanding customer service skills.

- Work in cooperation with Residence Hall Staff, Facilities Management, and Public Safety
- Responsible for information covered in desk staff training, Desk Staff Manual, Fogcutter, housing contract, and other notices
- Compliance with and respect for all USF policies and procedures, as a clerk and as a resident. *Violations of any USF policy or procedure (including Residence Life policies and procedures) will subject the employee to disciplinary action, including probation or termination from the position

Overview of Application & Interview Process

Once you’ve decided to pursue any Community Front Desk position, your first step is to complete an application using our online SHaRE employment portal. Candidates must complete the application in its entirety to be considered for employment. Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered for employment.


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Important Dates & Checklist for Applicants

Important dates for the application process are as follows:
Attend the SHaRE Social for Student Leader Candidates (optional)  12/2/2014
Community Assistant application deadline  1/28/2015
Attend your individual interview 2/9/2015 -
Decision letters delivered via email 3/11/2015
Electronic Intent forms due 3/20/2015