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Fiscal Year-End Deadlines

Please read the following as it contains important information about our fiscal year-end processes and the accompanying EPAF deadlines.

EPAF System Freeze 

In preparation for the Fiscal Year '15 roll-over, we will be implementing an EPAF "freeze" beginning at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 23rd and ending at noon on Monday, June 2nd.

During this period, the EPAF link will be unavailable to all users. Any EPAFs still pending approval by the deadline cannot be saved and will require the user to reprocess them following the "freeze" period, which ends June 2nd. 

All student EPAFs relating to FY '15, with effective dates of 5/21/2014 or later, should not be submitted until June 2nd.  Additionally, any staff/faculty EPAFs with effective dates of 6/1/2014 or later, should not be submitted until after the EPAF "freeze" has been lifted on June 2nd.

Staff EPAF Freeze 

In addition to the global EPAF freeze above, effective April 26th and lasting through June 2nd, we will be instituting an EPAF freeze for staff assignments of E-Classes FF, GG, HH, II, LL, and WW. This means that EPAFs for these staff E-Classes will not be accepted during these dates. However, new hires and terminations will be processed per guidelines outlined by Compensation. For questions about this staff EPAF "freeze", please contact Julie Kober

Student EPAFs 

Similar to the past 3 years, all work-study, off-campus, America Reads and student stipend assignments will be automatically terminated effective May 20th. All other student assignments will remain active into the summer months. This means that new EPAFs will only be required for
  • Students who are currently in work-study assignments and are continuing work in the summer (EPAF type: "Student Hire, STUJOB");
  • Students who currently have active non-work study assignments, but will not be working in the summer (EPAF type: "Student Assignment Termination, STUTER").  **Note: Etimesheet approvers and student employees will continue to receive email reminders for each of their students until a termination EPAF is submitted and applied. 
EPAFs for summer assignments can be submitted beginning at noon on Monday, June 2nd, following the fiscal year-end roll-over process. 

Term Faculty EPAFs 

Please note that term faculty assignments will not automatically terminate and an EPAF to terminate each term faculty assignment on its given end date must be approved by May 15th. 

EPAF Submission Deadlines 

Please note that the EPAF submission deadline for the first SH and SM pay periods of FY '14 has been extended to June 4th at 5:00 p.m. This allows 3 working days to complete and submit EPAFs for these pay periods (5/21-6/5 and 6/1-6/15, respectively). 

Fiscal Year '14 Labor Redistributions 

Any labor redistribution EPAF requests for fiscal year 2014 that are still remaining after the fiscal year-end roll-over should be submitted following our reopening of the system on June 2nd. To provide adequate processing time, the deadline for these remaining EPAF redistribution requests will be June 4th, at 5 p.m. EPAF redistribution requests received after the June 4th deadline may not be processed. 

Deadline Summary: 
  • 5/14 - EPAF Approval Deadline for final SH/SM pay periods of fiscal year '14 (SH period 5/6 - 5/20; SM period 5/16 - 5/31)
  • 5/15 - EPAF Approval Deadline for final MO pay period of fiscal year '14 (5/1 - 5/31)
  • 5/20 — All work-study, off-campus, student stipend & America Reads assignments are automatically terminated 
  • 5/23, 11:59 p.m. — EPAF Freeze begins; all remaining EPAFs must be approved/applied prior 
  • 5/24 - 6/1 — EPAF system unavailable 
  • 6/2, 12 p.m. — EPAF Freeze ends, users can resume EPAF submission 
  • 6/4, 5 p.m. — EPAF submission deadline for 6/15 payday 
  • 6/4, 5 p.m. — Final day to submit labor redistribution requests via EPAF 
  • 6/5 5 p.m. — EPAF approval deadline for 6/16 payday