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Flexible Spending Account (FSA) FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding the transition from FSA vendor Benesyst to CBA:

Q: What will be transferred over to the new FSA vendor, CBA (Custom Benefit Administrators)?
A: Everything – your entire record and account information (health care and/or dependent care) will transfer automatically.  This includes your annual election amount (amount you elected for the plan year), total payroll contributions YTD, total claims paid, and any remaining unused balance. 

Q: What if I just recently enrolled for the FSA benefit?
A: All enrollments will automatically transfer to CBA.

Q: Will I get a new CBA debit card?

A: Yes.  You will receive your CBA debit card between August 12-15, 2014.

Q: How do I pay for expenses after the Benesyst Benny card is shut off on July 18 and until I receive my new CBA debit card to arrive between August 12-15?
A: You pay for any eligible expenses with your personal debit/credit card, cash, or check and submit for reimbursement.  Click here to access a CBA claim form.

Q: Do I need to complete a new direct deposit authorization form for CBA?

A: Yes.  It is included in the welcome packet as well as online.  Click here to access the Direct Deposit form. 

Q: How long will I have access to my Benesyst account?
A: Participants will have until the end of August to view their account information. We suggest that participants print a claim history for their records.

Q: My claims for dependent care are currently set up as automatic processing through Benesyst, and they issue a reimbursement check to me each month. Do I need to set up automatic processing with CBA and if so, what should I do?
A: Yes, you will need to submit a new claim form to CBA with a copy of your DCFSA receipts. In addition we recommend that you write a note on the claim form indicating how much of your claim has been paid out thus far by Benesyst or you may submit a copy of your claim history. You may download a copy of your claim history by logging on to your account at Benesyst. Please fax these documents to CBA as soon as possible at (916) 303-7083.

Q: I missed the July 18 deadline to submit claims to Benesyst. What should I do now? Who should I submit the claims to?
A: Please submit all claims to CBA at this point. You may fax paper claims to (916) 303-7083.

Q: When will I receive my welcome packet?
A: You will receive the welcome packet via email directly from CBA around August 1, 2014.

Q: Will this switch affect my payroll deductions?

A: No. Your payroll deductions will remain the same.

Q: Can I use my CBA debit card for Dependent Care expenses?
A: No.  The debit card cannot be used to pay for child care expenses under the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.