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Ergonomics Assessment

As your employer, the University of San Francisco is committed to providing you a safe and healthful workplace.  Because most employees spend a majority of the work day sitting at a desk in front of a computer, it is imperative that your equipment supports you appropriately.  Therefore, the university offers a comprehensive ergonomics assessment of your workspace.  Please complete the form below to submit your ergonomics assessment request.

Ergonomics Assessment Request Form

Employee First Name:                    Office Location: 

Employee Last Name:                    Hire Date (MM/DD/YY):  

USF ID/CWID*:                                                      Extension:          

USF Email Address:                       Supervisor's Name:     

Application is not complete until you have clicked "Submit Form" and received the confirmation message.

Please note the following information regarding the ergonomics assessment process:

  • The ergonomics assessment is designed to assess your current work station, chair and equipment. New chairs and equipment are ordered only if the existing items are not functional. 
  • Expect 1-4 weeks before your appointment is scheduled once you submit your form.
  • Expect 6-8 weeks before receiving any equipment that you have ordered. Departments can order any equipment from their own budget if this timing is not convenient.
  • If you are experiencing serious discomfort and need to expedite an appointment and equipment order, please contact immediately.
If you require assistance with this form, please contact