Giving to USF

Hear From Our Students

Every day, USF students experience the impact of our philanthropic alumni, parents and friends. More than half of our current students would not be able to attend USF without financial aid and scholarship support. Thanks to you, they are experiencing the benefits of USF’s exceptional Jesuit Catholic education.

Belinda Hernandez-Arriaga

"I’m so grateful for this opportunity. There is no sufficient thanks that someone can give for the gift of education."

Kassa Abaynesh

Abaynesh Kassa

"As a first-generation college student of immigrant parents, financial assistance has been instrumental in allowing me to continue my education at USF.  While I have always had the drive to succeed, the fact that I have received such a distinguished scholarship serves as additional motivation for me to work even harder to reach my fullest potential."


Jon Coon

"Without financial aid, I would not be able to accomplish the things I’m doing today.  I would not have enjoyed the personal attention I receive in my classes or even have met my closest friends. I hope one day to fill the shoes of the people supporting me. I’ve been blessed."


Andrea Wright

"Each day I wake up with a sense of deep fulfillment, knowing that I’m devoting my life and my studies to those who need the care of another to help them heal. Without this scholarship, I never would have been able to enroll in the University of San Francisco. "