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Student Stories

Seventy percent of USF’s students depend on financial aid to achieve their dreams of a college education. Here are a few of their stories:

huntington_j“I was ecstatic when I received an acceptance letter from the University of San Francisco—a prestigious and passionate school right in the middle of my hometown, however, my family did not have the means to put me through college. Without the support from the Bernadicou Family scholarship, I would not be able to attend the School of Nursing at USF, and make my dreams a reality.

“I have a passion for helping those in need and hope to become a nurse-midwife for underprivileged populations. I currently intern at UCSF’s Center of Excellence in Women’s Health, where I work with local high schools to help pregnant and mothering teens find adequate health care and support. Next semester I will participate in USF’s Guatemala Immersion Program, partnering with midwives to facilitate healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth. The opportunities I’ve had as a USF nursing student have changed my life.

Juliet Huntington, Bernadicou Family scholar


fernandez“USF has given me the opportunity to excel and see parts of the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. During spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to El Salvador and study the Civil War and the Liberation Theology movement. My education at USF has influenced me to work in public policy when I graduate. I want to use my degree to benefit those around me and the good of the community. I hope that one day I can change the life of another, the way this scholarship has changed mine.”

Jennifer Fernandez,
2009 recipient of the Brayton Wilbur scholarship

platt_a“With the recession and my family’s business suffering, I was forced to consider spending my senior year at another school. All of my hard work as a student and leader on campus made it impossible for me to accept transferring to another school. The scholarship I received has made a significant impact on my ability to continue at the university.”

Alexandra Platt,
2009 recipient of the Class of 2008 scholarship

assour_l“The support you’ve provided me through this scholarship has allowed me to pursue my educational goal of a degree in computer science while studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan. The time I’m spending here in Tokyo is definitely helping to further my language skills. I’m anticipating a semester of cultural exploration and academics.”

Lauren Assour,
2009 recipient of the Alden J. Stevenson, SJ, Endowed Friendship Memorial scholarship

mahn_v“Growing up in a small town in Arkansas, I learned the value of hard work from watching my mother struggle to make ends meet. My mother’s efforts made me realize the value of a college education. My first year at the University of San Francisco has been both challenging and exciting. I made the dean’s list and have been accepted into the Hansard Scholars Programme, which allows me to spend the summer studying at the London School of Economics. In addition to studying abroad, I will also participate in an internship with British Parliament. I hope that I can use what I’ve learned at USF to make a difference in people’s lives, the same way the scholarship has made a difference in mine.”

Vince Mahn,
2009 recipient of the USF Class of 1951 scholarship