t.  lee

t. lee, Ed.D.

Adjunct Faculty, Online TESOL

With ten years of experience teaching Gifted English Language Learners in East Los Angeles public middle schools and experience in volunteer teaching in the developing nation of Georgia, Dr. t. lee brings a vast array of pedagogical knowledge to the English/TESOL classroom.
She is a member of Pi Lambda Theta, a Certified Gifted and Talented Educator, a National Board Certified English Teacher, and a National Board Certified Social Studies Teacher. Most importantly, she is committed to rehumanizing education with attention to whole child development; this is a commitment that transcends borders and social divisions and embraces our common experience as human beings that are part of one global community.

Research Areas

Educational sociology; TESOL; urban teacher education/preparation; critical pedagogy; online teaching; teacher leadership; effective use of instructional technology; gifted education; curriculum and instruction; constructivist and culturally responsive pedagogy; application of Freirean and Applean theory to practice; authentic, performance-based, and alternative assessment; student-centered classrooms; writing; integrated language teaching and learning; the human impact of education policy; global civics; human rights and social justice education; qualitative research in education.

Courses Offered
  • Preparation & Evaluation of TESOL Materials