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Paul  Ryder

Paul Ryder

Term Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Paul H. Ryder brings expansive intellectual vigor and a truly eclectic, multi-disciplinarian approach to his recent research and the classroom. He explores sustainable healthcare solutions, systems development within business start-ups, and online curricula in the 21st century. His current interests include pattern recognition, learning design, principle discovery, storytelling and strategy development. Holding degrees in Physics, Social and Developmental Psychology, Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology, Dr. Ryder is equally adept at applying mythological stories as he is psychology and metrics to the highly creative science of organizational development.

Dr. Ryder’s research stems from his time working with New Economy icons Tom Peters, Alan Webber and Seth Godin, as well as from his own successful entrepreneurial ventures. His academic and business careers exemplify the visionary spirit of the Bay Area, a global center of progressive and socially/environmentally conscientious business.

Of particular interest to Dr. Ryder are the attributes and attitudes he believes can predict success, as well as how a new generation of leaders is utilizing less traditional business models, affecting the organizational paradigm on a global scale. Professor Ryder has a deep appreciation for holistic, sustainable solutions that benefit the community, aligning wholly with USF’s core values that encourage business for social justice. In the classroom he nurtures the interior skills of leadership and group ingenuity, which he believes are two of the key components of success in any business environment. Through his graduate classes in creativity, innovation, leadership, storytelling, consulting, and design thinking, Professor Ryder hopes to introduce his students to a wider range of ideas and modes of thinking.


Ph.D., Mythological Studies and Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, CA, 2009
M.S., Social and Developmental Psychology, Rutgers University, NJ, 1994
A.B., Physics, Harvard University, MA, 1989 (Dean’s List)

Courses Offered
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The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

"Building an Online Curriculum for the 21st Century Workforce," Online Learning Quarterly, 2000

Honors and Awards

Sister Vicki Siu Award for Dedicated Service to Teaching, 2005


Former Academic Director, Executive MBA program

Principal, RNM Global LLC., San Francisco, 2004-Present

Entrepreneur/Co-Founder, RevoMetrix LLC., San Francisco, 2000-2003

Vice President, Content Licensing, Acquisition & Production: Ninth House Network, San Francisco, 1998-2000

Chairman of the Board, Ex Officio, Volunteer Center of San Francisco

Paul Ryder, University of San Francisco School of Management