In Memoriam
Alev M Efendioglu

Alev M Efendioglu

1942 - 2013

Alev M. Efendioglu was a highly respected researcher and educator, and a compassionate colleague and instructor. He taught at USF for 34 years, during which time he actively lent his service to the community, for which he received two Service Awards from the School of Management. He had a passion for high academic standards and believed in using an integrated approach when teaching his challenging classes. He made the theoretical concepts of management strategy and competitive advantage palpable for his students by integrating theory with classroom games and practical application in multi-layered group exercises. He taught at both the MBA and undergraduate level. To his students, he was an extremely knowledgeable researcher and a driven instructor. They nominated him for the USF School of Management's Best Teacher Award three times.

Dr. Efendioglu was an esteemed researcher, whose work was published in a myriad of peer-reviewed journals. Born and raised in Turkey, Dr. Efendioglu used his international background in his research, which largely focused on the use of technology in global environments, distance learning and education, globalization and outsourcing, and the organizational implications of technology in international business strategy and competitive advantage. He received the USF School of Management's Outstanding Research Award twice.

Dr. Efendioglu passed away in August of 2013. As the author of two books, ten book chapters and countless peer-reviewed articles, many of which received awards and accolades from researchers in his field, his legacy is expansive. He was a highly respected researcher and colleague, whose ongoing contributions to the learning community of the USF School of Management will be greatly missed.