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Genevieve  Negrón-Gonzales

Genevieve Negrón-Gonzales, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Leadership Studies


Ph.D., Social and Cultural Studies in Education, University of California, Berkeley

Research Areas

Political activism among undocumented migrant students; immigrant students and higher education; California racial politics and Latino immigrant communities.

Courses Offered
  • O&L 626: Social and Cultural Theoretical Foundations of Education
  • O&L 645, 646, and 647: Practicum in Higher Educaiton and Student Affairs
  • O&L 667: Capstone Seminar in Higher Education and Student Affairs
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Gonzales, R. G., Heredia, L. L., & Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2015). Untangling Plyler’s Legacy: Undocumented Students, Schools, and Citizenship. Harvard Education Review. In press.

Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2015). Lift Every Voice: Institutional Climate and the Experiences of Undocumented Students at Jesuit Universities. Jesuit Higher Education, 4(1).

Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2015). Undocumented Youth Activism as Counter-Spectacle: Civil Disobedience and Testimonio in the Battle around Immigration Reform. Aztlan: A Jounal of Chicano Studies, 40(1), 87-112.

Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2014). Undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic: Re-articulatory practices and migrant youth “illegality”. Latino Studies, 12(2), 259-278.

Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2014). The Power of the Pen: Writing Mentorship and Chicana/o MA Students. Journal of Latinos and Education, 13(1), 62-70.

Negrón-Gonzales, G. (2013). Navigating “illegality”: Undocumented youth & oppositional consciousness. Children and Youth Services Review, 35(8), 1284-1290.


Roy, A, Negrón-Gonzales, G., Opoku-Agyemang, K. & Talwalker, C. (2015). Encountering Poverty: A Guide To Thinking and Acting Against Inequality. University of California Press. In press.

Book Chapters

Gonzales, R. & Heredia, L. & Negron-Gonzales, G. (2013). “Challenging the Transition to New "Illegalities": Undocumented Young Adults and the Shifting Boundaries of Inclusion” in Constructing “Illegality”: Immigrant Experiences, Critiques, and Resistance, edited by Cecilia Menjivar and Daniel Kanstroom.

Public Scholarship