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Stephen  Zunes

Stephen Zunes


Stephen Zunes has been at USF since 1995, teaching courses on the politics of Middle East and other regions, nonviolence, conflict resolution, U.S. foreign policy, and globalization for the Politics department, the International Studies major, and the Peace & Justice Studies minor, as well as the Middle Eastern Studies minor, for which he serves as program director. He received his B.A. from Oberlin College, his M.A. from Temple University, and his Ph.D. from Cornell University. Prior to coming to USF, Dr. Zunes served on the faculty at Ithaca College, Whitman College and the University of Puget Sound. Professor Zunes serves as a writer and senior analyst for Foreign Policy in Focus, an associate editor for Peace Review, and the chair of the academic advisory committee for the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.

A prominent specialist on U.S. Middle East policy, Professor Zunes has presented numerous lectures and conference papers in the United States and over a dozen foreign countries. He has traveled frequently to the Middle East and other conflict regions, meeting with prominent government officials, scholars and dissidents. He has served as a political analyst for local, national, and international radio and television and as a columnist for the National Catholic Reporter, Huffington Post, Truthout, Alternet and Common Dreams. He has published scores of articles in academic journals, anthologies, magazines, and newspaper op-ed pages on such topics as U.S. foreign policy, Middle Eastern politics, Latin American politics, African politics, human rights, arms control, social movements and nonviolent action. He is the co-editor of Nonviolent Social Movements (Blackwell, 1999) and Consistently Opposing Killing (Praeger, 2008), the author of Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism (Common Courage, 2003) and the co-author (along with Jacoby Mundy) of Western Sahara: War, Nationalism and Conflict, Irresolution Syracuse University Press, 2010).

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