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Gerard  Kuperus

Gerard Kuperus

Assistant Professor

Gerard Kuperus is specialized in philosophy of nature and environmental philosophy as well as the history of philosophy, in particular Kant and Nineteenth Century philosophy.

He teaches in the Philosophy Department, Environmental Studies, and the MA in International Studies. Courses include the human animal, environmental ethics, globalization: development and environment, social and political philosophy, global environments and societies, aesthetics, existentialism, ancient, medieval and nineteenth century philosophy.

Gerard earned his PhD at DePaul University in Chicago (and his MA at the University of Amsterdam). His dissertation "Hegel's Perspectivism" argues that Hegel is perhaps a bit more Nietszchean than mostly assumed. He is currently working on a project on a continental approach of environmental ethics. This project focuses on the way in which we understand ourselves in relationship to nature and how such an understanding can possibly form a foundation for ethics He is also working on an edited volume (together with Marjolein Oele) on nature:Ontology of Nature, Continental Readings of Nature, Springer (forthcoming). He has published in different areas of the history of philosophy (among others Kant and Plato), aesthetics, and animal rights.

Research Areas

Kant and Nineteenth Century Philosophy
Environmental Philosophy and Philosophy of Nature

Courses Offered
  • The Human Animal (PHIL)
  • Aesthetics (PHIL)
  • Globalization: Environment and Development (MA in IS)
  • Ethics: Environmental Issues (PHIL/ENVA)
  • Existentialism (PHIL)
  • Ancient Philosophy (SII)
  • Medieval Thought (SII)
  • Nineteenth Century Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Social and Political Philosophy (PHIL)


Ontologies of Nature, edited with Marjolein Oele, Springer, projected publication date in Fall 2014 (forthcoming)



“An Ecology of the Future: Nietzsche and Ecological Restoration” in: Ontologies of Nature, edited by Gerard Kuperus and Marjolein Oele, Springer, (forthcoming)

“Introduction” in: Ontologies of Nature, edited by Gerard Kuperus and Marjolein Oele, Springer, (forthcoming)

- "The Development of the Role of the Spectator in Kant's Thinking: The Evolution of the Copernican Revolution" Idealistic Studies, Volume 40, 1-2 (Spring/Summer 2010)

- "Aesthetic Sensibility and Political Praxis: Foucault, Lyotard and the Darfur Crisis" (with Anne Bartlett and Marjolein Oele), in: Radical Philosophy Review (Vol. 12 (1-2), 2009)

- "Traveling with Socrates: Ways and Non-ways in the Phaedo and Protagoras," In: Gary Scott (ed.), Philosophy in Dialogue: New Essays in Platonic Method, Northwestern University Press, 2007

- "Heidegger and Animality," In: Christian Lotz and Corinne Painter (eds.), Phenomenology and the Non-Human Animal, Kluwer/Springer, 2007



“Anthropocentrism and the Continental Tradition: Calarco’s Zoographies” a review of “Zoographies: The Question of the Animal from Heidegger to Derrida” by Mathew Calarco (Columbia University Press), Society and Animals 19:3 (2011)