Rhetoric and Language
David  Holler

David Holler

Associate Professor

David Holler came to USF in 2003 as an adjunct professor. Since becoming a member of the full-time faculty in 2007, he has taught primarily RHET 120, RHET 130/131, and RHET 195. He now serves as the Director of the Martín-Baró Scholars Program, which covers five core classes, including Written and Oral Communication. Holler also edits USF's undergraduate research journal, Writing for a Real World. His RHET 325/ENGL 325 course (offered every fall semester) invites students interested in pursuing careers in editing to work on USF's annual journal. In 2014, David earned the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Administrative Appointments

Editor, Writing for a Real World
Director, Martín-Baró Scholars Program

Awards and Distinctions
Distinguished Teaching Award, 2014