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Priscilla A. Scotlan

Who is Priscilla A. Scotlan?

Priscilla A. Scotlan was a University of San Francisco Trustee from October 1985 until her untimely death in July 1996 and, prior to that, served two, three-year terms (1971-73 and 1981-83) on the Alumni Board of Governors. Trustee Scotlan's active participation and leadership in the USF community began when she joined the first co-ed class as a freshman in 1964.

Trustee Scotlan was a principal member of the USF Blue Ribbon Task Force on Career Services, providing guidance to the University on improving career services and technology as well as advocating for the repositioning of the Career Services Center to a more prominent location on campus. Trustee Scotlan was a leader in the field of career planning and placement, having served as president of the Association for School, College, and University Staffing; president of the California Educational Placement Association; president of the Bay Area School Personnel Association; and Director of the Career Planning and Placement Center at the University of California at Berkeley.