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Project Management History

Overview of USF Project Management Historic Events

  • 1855 St. Ignatius College founded, October 15
  • 1862 College moved to new building on Market Street
  • 1880 College moved to new buildings on Van Ness Avenue, near present-day Civic Center
  • 1906 Van Ness facilities totally destroyed by fires after earthquake. College relocated to temporary quarters at Hayes and Shrader Streets
  • 1909 Ignatian Heights property acquired at Fulton and Parker Avenues
  • 1910 Ground broken for St. Ignatius Church
  • 1912 School of Law established
  • 1914 St. Ignatius Church dedicated
  • 1925 College of Arts and Sciences formed; College of Commerce and Finance established.
  • 1927 College moved to Ignatian Heights campus
  • 1930 Diamond Jubilee; St. Ignatius College became the University of San Francisco
  • 1948 Department of Education established, offering a postgraduate program leading to state credentials
  • 1950 Richard A. Gleeson Library dedicated
  • 1954 School of Nursing established
  • 1961 Institute of Chemical Biology established
  • 1969 University acquired old St. Ignatius High School facilities
  • 1974 College of Business Administration became McLaren College of Business as new McLaren Center is dedicated
  • 1975 Office of Continuing Education established
  • 1978 USF acquired Lone Mountain campus
  • 1980 University of San Francisco celebrated its 125th anniversary
  • 1987 School of Law celebrated its 75th Anniversary
  • 1989 Koret Health and Recreation Center dedicated
  • 1991 USF acquired School of Education Building
  • 1997 Gleeson Library addition including the Geschke Learning Resource Center completed
  • 2000 Dorraine Zief Law Library completed
  • 2002 Loyola Village completed
  • 2004 The USF School of Law dedicates the Koret Law Center, the complex comprising the fully renovated Kendrick Hall and the new Dorraine Zief Law Library; the School of Business and Management dedicated a new wing, Malloy Hall
  • 2008 Campion Hall renovation completed building renamed Kalmanovitz Hall
  • 2012 101 Howard, the historic Folger's building, purchased by the University.
  • 2013 The John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center for Science and Innovation opened