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Non-Cash Gifts, Awards and Incentives Policy FAQ

Our department does not have a Purchasing Card. What method of payment should be used for purchasing non-cash gifts or awards?

Departments that regularly make business-related purchases should apply for a Purchasing Card, which is the most cost-effective method of payment. Alternatively, a department may process a Payment Request through the Concur Reporting System to pay the vendor. A payment will be issued within 10 business days after Business Services receives a properly completed Payment Request. Reimbursements to employees for gift purchases should be discouraged.

Does the University have a tax reporting obligation if an outside party (e.g., a vendor) gives a raffle prize to a University employee or student?

If an outside party selects and distributes the prize directly to a University employee or student without any direction or decision making on the part of the University, then the University is not required to report the prize or withhold tax. The third party, however, must report the value of the prize (and any other prizes or awards it may have given the individual during the calendar year) on a Form 1099 if the total amount is $600 or more.