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Service Request

Welcome to ASSETWORKS - Your Online Request System for Facilities Management Services

University of San Francisco faculty, staff, students, parents and general public are welcome to use Assetworks online system to submit general work requests, new space requests, office move and new projects requests.


  • Life Safety Emergencies: Call Public Safety - 422-4201
  • Emergency & Urgent Service Requests: Call Facilities Front Desk 422-6464
  • Is my request an Emergency?

Assetworks allows customer to create new Service Requests and to perform queries on existing Service Requests.

As you move through the request process you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Requestor name and extension
  • Building and room
  • Description of the problem
  • Special instructions

AssetWorks Facilities Management
Click the Assetworks icon above to submit a work request online.

We highly encourage customers to submit requests using the Assetworks online request system. Alternatively, you can contact the Facilities front desk at 422-6464. Please do not email the front desk or facilities employees directly, as these requests may be delayed.

Your Service Request will be assigned a priority level by our Facilities front desk and further by the crew supervisors according to the type of work being requested, seasonal work load and daily labor availability. In general, Service Requests that have an immediacy due to health, fire, life or safety issues are dispatched to an on-call engineer for same-day service. Service Requests that are categorized as important, but less than immediate, are generally completed within five business days. Service Requests of lower priority, such as hanging pictures and bulletin boards, are usually completed in five to ten business days.

Your good planning is essential to the smooth operation and successful completion of everyone's Service Requests. The earlier we have your request for work, particularly when there are associated deadlines, the better able we are to plan for the necessary labor and materials to do the work. When we provide immediate service to Service Requests that have arrived at Facilities without that necessary notice, the result is to remove labor and resources from the scheduled work for the people and departments who did plan ahead and well.