USF St. Ignatius Church

Emergency Service Requests

When a Life Threatening Emergency Occurs:

Contact emergency personnel by dialing Public Safety at 2911.

When a Non-Life Threatening Emergency Occurs:

  • Non-Maintenance emergencies should be directed to Public Safety at (415) 422-4201
  • Maintenance emergencies should be directed to Facilities immediately
  • Facilities emergency response: 24 hours a day - (415) 422-6464
Maintenance Emergency Service Requests Pertain to:
  • Safety
  • Environmental harm
  • Health
  • Severe property damage
  • Security

Examples Include:

  • All disability related issues
  • Broken water pipes / flooding in areas
  • Broken window glass
  • Chemical or hazardous material spills
  • All elevator outage with or without passengers on-board
  • Roof / ceiling tiles leaking
  • Severe plumbing problems

** Maintenance Emergencies are considered anything currently happening or breaking NOW, which could cause harm to body, property, buildings or grounds. This incident would require immediate attention. Maintenance Emergencies are not limited to the list above.