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Electronic Communication Procedures



The payment of a standard reimbursement and the reimbursement of related expenses may be approved at the discretion of the President or Vice Presidents for employees under their jurisdiction. The purchase of tablet computers may be approved by the department Business Manager. Individuals authorized to approve expenses permitted under this Policy are also responsible for determining that budgeted funds are available for such expenses and that the expenses comply with the Policy.


Departments must complete the Electronic Communication Authorization and Reimbursement Form to request payment of a standard monthly or biannual reimbursement. The form must include the business justification for the request and be signed by the employee for approval by his or her Business Manager and supervisor before being sent to the President or Vice President for final approval. 

On an annual basis, Accounting and Business Services will undertake a review of all standard reimbursements in effect and determine for each employee whether the reimbursement should be continued and at what level. If a change in an employee's responsibilities has occurred that would disqualify him or her from continuing to receive the reimbursement, the reimbursement must be terminated, effective with the date that the employee’s responsibilities changed.

Note: The Electronic Communication and Authorization Reimbursement Form should not be used for the purchase of tablet computers or related tablet expenses such as service plans, chargers, cases, accessories, applications, etc. Tablet-related expenses are authorized only for items required primarily for a University business purpose.


Standard reimbursements for service plan charges, including charges for a tablet service plan, may be paid directly to an employee’s cell phone carrier using the University Purchasing Card. Employees benefiting from such reimbursements must complete an Expense Report documenting each reimbursement. A copy of the employee’s monthly cell phone statement must also be included with each Expense Report.

As an alternative to using a Purchasing Card to pay the carrier, an employee may receive a standard reimbursement directly by submitting an Expense Report through the Concur Reporting System. The Expense Report must be accompanied by the employee’s monthly cell phone statement as provided above.

Departments are responsible for reconciling all Purchasing Card charges and employee reimbursements in the Concur Reporting System. See Purchasing Card Policy.



Sponsored project funds and other restricted funds may not be used to pay for standard reimbursements or the purchase of tablet computers and similar devices unless specifically authorized in the contract or grant agreement or other document governing the use of the funds. Departments should consult with the Office of Contracts and Grants to determine whether cell phone-related expenses may be charged to a specific award.


The payment of standard reimbursements and the purchase of tablet computers and similar devices in accordance with this Policy are not taxable to the employees provided with these resources.


A violation of any portion of this Policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and/or legal action. In addition an employee may be personally liable for any financial liability incurred by the University as a result of expenses approved by the employee that were not reviewed and approved as required under this Policy.