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Concur Online Tutorials & Quiz

Concur Expense

To gain access to Concur Expense please select one of the two options listed below. 

  • A tutorial that can be viewed on your computer
  • Attend a once a month training: This is where a Disbursements representative presents the system to a group. This training is required for individuals who apply for a University Purchasing Card.
    • To attend the training or to request a departmental training for Concur Expense, please email Purchasing Card Services at pcard@usfca.edu

Concur Expense Tutorials

Click on one of the following links to begin a tutorial. Return to this page to complete the Concur quiz.


Concur Travel Tutorials

   Step 1: E-Receipt Activation 

   Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

   Step 3: Getting Started with Reservations

      Reservations: Airfare

      Reservations: Rental Car

      Reservations: Hotel

      Reservations: Booking for a Guest

   Step 4: Reconciling Your Trip