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Writing Center Consultants

Writing Center Coordinator

  • Leslie Dennen  Leslie Dennen coordinates the Writing Center and is an Associate Professor in the Rhetoric and Language Department at USF. She received her Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (MATESL) and Certificate in Composition from San Francisco State University. She received her Doctorate in Education from USF in May 2007. 

     Phone: 415-422-6011

Writing Center Consultants

  • Julie Bruck  Julie Bruck has an MFA in Creative Writing (poetry) from Warren Wilson's MFA Program for Writers, and has taught widely, both in and out of university settings. Her poetry and prose have been published widely, appearing in magazines such as The New Yorker, MS., and Time.  Her books include, The Woman Downstairs (1993), The End of Travel (1999), and Monkey Ranch (2012), which received Canada's 2012 Governor General's Award for Poetry. 
  • Lily Iona MacKenzie  A Canadian by birth, Lily Iona MacKenzie has a M.A. in Creative Writing as well as a M.A. in the Humanities from San Francisco State University. She has taught expository and creative writing, the humanities, and English, at the University of San Francisco and other Bay Area colleges for over 20 years. In addition, she has been a Marin Poetry Center board member and has served on other Marin non-profit boards. Her poetry collection All This was published in November 2011 and can be found in the USF Gleeson Library.  Blog address:
  • Michael Hammond
  • Onllwyn Dixon
  • Bernadette Pedagno
  • Cynthia Schultes
  • Tom Lugo
  • Kat Winter  Kathleen (“Kat”) Winter holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University, an MA in Literature from Boston College and law degree from University of California, Davis.  She practiced law for several years before becoming a teacher.  Winter’s first collection of poems, Nostalgia for the Criminal Past, won the Antivenom Prize and was published by Elixir Press in 2012. 
  • Dan Chomko
  • Gina Arnold
  •  Robert Rohr
  •  Amy Timko
  •  Marcia Clay
  • Lisa Kimberlin Lisa earned her M.A. and M.F.A. in Writing from the University of San Francisco, and her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Georgia. She has led and developed communications programs for several Fortune 500 companies, and has served as an executive speechwriter for leaders at Wells Fargo, Juniper Networks, and Williams-Sonoma. She has been teaching at the Writing Center since 2005.