The University of San Francisco: Parent Relations

Why I Give

Kevin (’85) and Nancy Malloy were thrilled when their oldest daughter, Brenna, decided to enroll at USF. Brenna is the third generation of the Malloy family to attend school on The Hilltop, following her grandfather, Tom Malloy ’61, and her father.

How did you feel when Brenna decided to come to USF?

We were thrilled. We knew that Brenna would get a great education while living in one of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful cities. Nancy and I live in Southern California, so it meant we would be able to spend more time at USF and in the City while visiting Brenna. San Francisco is really a home away from home for us, so having an excuse to go more often is wonderful.

What have you enjoyed the most about parenting a USF Don?

USF and San Francisco has been great for Brenna. We have seen her independence and adventurous spirit really take off. She is enjoying her classes and really becoming involved at the university. She is incredibly happy at USF, and that is about as much as parents can ask for.

You are involved philanthropically with USF. What does supporting USF mean to you and your family?

The administration, faculty, and the overall education at USF have always been exceptional. When I was a student at USF, there were certainly not the amenities on campus that there are now. The library, Campion Hall, and many other buildings and grounds were in need of upgrades. The Koret Center was not there. Through the philanthropic gifts of many people that hold USF dear, Brenna is able to learn and live on a wonderful campus with the incredible bonus of being in San Francisco.

What advice would you give to a family who wants to become more involved with the USF community?

Get to know the people at USF. Attend the events offered to parents and witness some of the great things going on there. Whether it is going to athletic events, partaking in on-campus activities or donating money, it all goes towards moving the university forward and making it the best place possible for generations of USF students, and maybe their children, to spend some of the best years of their lives.

Question for Brenna: What have you enjoyed the most about your USF experience?

Coming from a Catholic home, I really appreciate USF as a Jesuit school, and St. Ignatius Church is nothing short of wonderful. The opportunity to go to a private school this amazing while living in a city like San Francisco is one in a million. I grew up hearing my dad rave about his time at USF, and following in his footsteps was one of my best decisions. This school is perfect for me. Going home for summer made me realize how much I really do love this school and what a better person it has made me.