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Recommended Browser

With the Ektron Web CMS 8.6 upgrade in December 2012, all the latest browsers are compatible with making edits in the system. Thorough testing has been done with the browsers listed below and we recommend that you use any of the versions listed in the chart below.

Firefox 17:
Firefox 17:
Chrome 23:
Chrome 23:
Safari 5:
Safari 6:
Internet Explorer 9:

Online Tutorials


Q. Why am I not seeing the edit option on my page?

A. The content is most likely checked out by someone else. Follow these directions to view if the item is checked out, and then email the user who has it checked out.  If you have trouble contacting them, email and we can help you check it back in.

Q. I made many edits to my web page, but I cannot see the changes on the website? I go back in to edit the page again and see my changes, why aren’t they appearing?

A. In Ektron, you have the option of using “Save” or “Check-in”. Once these are selected, you still need to “Publish” your content to see the new changes on the website. Make sure you click on the “Publish” button in the top toolbar before closing the content.

Q. When I try to Publish my changes, I get an error that starts with “Error loading XSLT document”?

A. Whenever you log-in to Ektron to make changes, please make sure that you use the full URL path (which must include the www): If you use, then you will get this error.

These are just a few of the common questions we get, please visit our blog for more tips and help.

Training Manuals

Listed below are help guides and tutorials. The tutorials are designed to give you step by step instructions on tasks performed in Ektron.

Technical Reference Guides from Ektron